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The AJAN Resource Centre (ARC) is a hub of information and resourceful materials on HIV and AIDS. It is an initiative of the African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) whose headquarters are situated in Kangemi, Nairobi. African Jesuit AIDS Network (AJAN) is under the auspices of the Jesuits of the African Assistancy. The AJAN Resource Centre's purpose is to provide access to information on various topics on HIV and AIDS and other related illnesses. Read More

AJAN Publications

AHAPPY Generation<br>Author: African Jesuit AIDS Network AIDS 3O Years Down the line<br>Author: African Jesuit AIDS Network<br>Price: USD 12 AIDS and the Church in Africa<br>Author: African Jesuit AIDS Network<br>Price: USD 2 AIDS, Ancestors and Salvation<br>Author: Knox P, SJ<br>Price: USD 4 Education: For an Africa without AIDS<br>Author: Michael J Kelly, SJ<br>Price: USD 4 HIV and AIDS: A Social Justice Perspective<br>Author: Michael J Kelly, SJ<br>Price: USD 6 Rays of Hope: Managing HIV & AIDS in Africa- 2nd edition<br>Author: Fr. Paterne Mombe<br>Price: USD 4 Suffering, Belief, Hope: The wisdom of Job for an AIDS<br>Author: Ghislain Tshikendwa M<br>Price: USD 3 The Orchids: A Story of Suffering and Courage<br>Author: Thierry Manirambona<br>Price: USD 4

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START trial provides definitive evidence of the benefits of early HIV treatment. People who start antiretroviral therapy (ART) immediately after HIV diagnosis, while their CD4 cell count is still high... Read More


The development of effective new interferon-free treatment makes it possible to cure more than 90% of people with chronic hepatitis C, including most people with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) co-infection... Read More


No HIV infections from partners with fully suppressed viral load during long-term follow up of landmark treatment as prevention trial. Final follow up of the HPTN 052 study of treatment as prevention... Read More


Test and treat studies and African countries showing that 90-90-90 targets are achievable. Health services in some African countries including Botswana, Rwanda and Malawi are now providing effective... Read More


Vancouver Consensus Statement calls for early access to treatment and PrEP worldwide. Leading figures in the HIV response have endorsed a call for immediate access to antiretroviral therapy for all people... Read More